Fenwold Fencing Supplies
Fenwold Fencing Supplies asked me to create a logo that would represent their company on business cards, vans, and signs at their depot. Through careful consideration of typography, color palette, and imagery, I crafted a design that captures the essence of Fenwold Fencing Supplies and effectively catches the eye of potential customers.
Honeybee Cakery
Sisters That Cake asked me to help them rebrand their baking business and create a consistent design across their social media platforms. This new branding would also be used on packaging, uniforms, and baking equipment.
Holly Vilkotis Tutoring
Holly Vilkotis Tutoring asked me to create some drawings for her tutoring website to aid children with creative writing exercises.
My goal was to make sure that the illustrations were fun, engaging, and inspiring so that they could help children develop their creativity and imagination while building their writing skills.
Lewis Rainbow - Carpet Fitter
Lewis Rainbow needed a creative and eye-catching business card that would stand out from the rest and attract potential customers. He wanted something simple yet unique that could convey his message to the public and make a lasting impression, utilising his name with an illustrated version of himself.
The Brandricks Wedding
My best friends got married in the summer of 2023 and I produced a vinyl sticker to go in their van as a wedding present. I used my own font for "The Brandricks" and the date.