Over the past couple of years, I have been producing weekly comics which I post on my social media channels.
The Monster
Ew, a Blobfish!
Business Orcs
Mr Ant
The Sleep Police
Noah's Arking Mad!
Fan Fiction
Metal Mermaid
Praying Mantis
Big Boy
Crazy Old Moses
The Milk
Gadget Pen
Oh, Warlock!
Tornado Trouble
Birthday Magic
Watch the Stingers
Birthday Bumps
Kiss The Bride
The Getaway Vehicle
Dumb Beetle
Lunch Break Dancing
Detective Buttercup
Fishing Trip
Powerful Wizard
Doctor, Doctor
Are you winning, son?
Bring Your Kid To Work Day
Weekend At Dad's
My Octopus Preacher
Double Denim
Clam #2
Get This Bread
Radical Lord
Mary Stroppins #2
Final Meal
Plant Police
Film Night
Say No To Bee Bullying
Cheese Monster
Compliments To The Chef
Heavy Petting Zoo
I Can Draw a Horse
Slammer Poetry
Rescue Team
Pork Chops
Full Moon
Bob the Cheater
Found a Penny
Mr Mole
Mary Stroppins
Early Bird
Karate Belt
Princess and the Frog
Thanks, Driver
Lovely Day For It
The Clam
Made in Chelsea Flower Show